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Originally Posted by Reygok View Post
Ahh, thanks, Ill try with Hex
I already found this .OCX thing online, but that didnt work for me
Thanks again
I'll save you the trouble. The hex offsets for the intro are as followed:

0x1C5C78 - Hello there, and Oak introducing himself
0x1C5D06 - This world...
0x1C5D12 - is inhabited by Pokemon
0x1C5D4B - Pokemon as pets, battling, or studying
0x1C5DBD - Tell me about yourself
0x1C59D5 - Boy or Girl?
0x1C5DEA - What's your name?
0x1C5E13 - Confirming your name
0x1C5E2E - My grandson, what's his name?
0x1C5EB5 - Was is [rival]?
0x1C5EC5 - I remember!
0x1C5EF4 - Final words, a legend begins.

Simply pulling these offsets in XSE won't work. I recommend making a signpost saying "msgbox OFFSET_YOU_WANT_TO_EDIT 0x6", and compiling it. Opening it up again will then display the offset's words, all ready for editing. However, if you need to make a script that's larger than the original, you'll have to repoint.

I think I'm done with ROM hacking. I'll still pop in and visit, though.