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I coud come up with a million ideas for a concept like this! XD I'm like a fat kid with cake for breeder games so this kinda thing would be great for me. It has good game play basics but as others have mentioned the provided information lacks major game play features

If I was to run with the idea I'd make it about a professor discovering a technology about crossing pokemon and creating "hybrids". Make a hybrid goal in a photo and then catch, befriend, raise, and breed pokemon to create different hybrids till you create your ultimate vision.

So basically if I made a picture of an absol with bellosom head flowers and a meganium neck flower i would need to cross breed those three pokemon untill I created the desired effect.

Considering the endless posibilities I would take a poll and choose a limited number of pokemon to make this game with and then maybe release bonus packs that include new pokemon into the game

I'd also add something like beauty contests or some outside gaming abilities to really use these new hybrid pokemon that you create in the game X3
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