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Originally Posted by zantetsu122 View Post
I might switch Seismitoad for Kingdra if I see a Horsea/Seadra. My Electivire, Mismagius, and my Seismitoad were my real pokemon during the start. But Emboar, Pansage, Zoroark, Scolipede(but I replaced it with Hydreigon after I saw a Deino in the wild.) were just too weak to be in my team. While the others, they can beat alot of poke's, especially Seismitoad helping me in the 5 gyms I faced.
Hmmm...Yeah, Kingdra is a better choice than Seismitoad. As for now, the only way to find earlier Horsea is surfing. In my next patch update, I'll put in the Super Rod sooner...

Anyways, well like I mentioned before you rotate your pokes alot...I honestly don't see how you do that and still able to press through gym leaders. LOL

So, yeah...I hate those three monkey pokemon, so I woulda boxed his ass after beating the first gym leader. Scolipede...okay...but nothing really special...But *gasp* You boxed your starter?

If you asked me, you probably gave up too fast on Emboar. LOL It might be slow and all, but it has a pretty decent moveset pool. And you could always give it Flame Charge if you are worried about it's speed, ya know. :D
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