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Jericho Heiko: Wright-Patterson Airforce Base, Ohio (United States of America)

"Okay, okay! Enough of the writing! Are we ready to go or what? It's almost five!" Jericho shouted at Peter, whom was still sitting on the wood floor, scribbling in his stupid notebook. He stopped and looked at Jeri above his glasses and then sighed in defeat.

"Yeah, yeah." Peter began to pick up his items. They had an appointment to be at 5:30, a very important appointment. The two of them were going to do a round of paintballing at that exact time and Jeri wasn't interested in being late. It already took almost half an hour just to get to the place! And that was on an easy day. Dayton wasn't traffic central, but you never know. That and it was sunny. Sunny and warm and right smack dab in the winter. This wasn't something abnormal in the state, since it didn't seem to be able to make up its mind about the weather, but the thing was... Who knew how long it'd last? Again, Ohio was one indecisive mother. They probably only had two or three hours before it started raining or something else inconvenient.

Hopefully they'd be able to make the time getting in. They had their own guns and their own paintballs so they wouldn't have to wait in lines or take the time to rent anything. A game was already reserved as well. All they had to do was get there on time. Jeri had a thing about punctuality; a trait he'd inherited from his father and his teachings. Peter didn't seem to have those ideals instilled in him and that, right now, was getting on Jeri's nerves.

Jeri already had his things ready. The guns and the gear were already loaded into the truck, it was just a matter of Peter. Jeri glared down at Peter who slowly collected his things. And not just regular slow, an almost purposeful slow.

"Peter, man. Come on!"

Peter smiled. "Okay, okay!" He got his stuff at a faster pace this time. "Just get the car started, I'll meet you down there." Jeri sighed but did so. He got himself both flights upstairs and made a bee-line for the garage. He opened the door and turned on the light. There, right smack dab in the middle of the one-car garage was his own special ride. Well... Okay, it wasn't his, it was his mom's, but since she and his dad basically carpooled themselves to work and she never really used it, the baby was all his. It was a nice, shiny, black Cadillac CTS. It shined from even the dim light of the bulb, looking new from its polish. It wasn't new. Actually, it was a couple years old. It was an '08, not one of the newfangled versions. But... He had to say, he preferred this one the most. There was a prestige about it that he didn't think the newer models quite captured. Even in the new age father in the future, this thing would still look like luxury.

The car automatically unlocked when he approached and the light on the roof came to life when he opened the door. Jericho took his seat and turned on the false key to start the car. It came to life with a good purr. Not the roar of a Corvette, but still satisfying to him. He pulled down the flap on the roof and pressed the button of the garage door opener; it rose from the command. As he backed up when the garage door was fully out of the way, he remembered his negligence with the garage light (not for the first time) and made a note to himself to get Peter to turn it off when and if he came down the stairs before he got tired and drove off.

Jeri sat stationary in the drive way, waiting for his laggigng friend. It wasn't untik he looked to his left that he noticed some kid at the door. He wasn't sure by his looks, hut Jeri could guess he was at least a teen. He tried to estimate a reason for his presence. It couldn't have been for him, he didn't even know who this kid was! And even more impossible was to think it was for Pete since Peter didn't even live on base or have parents in the military. Twice as outrageous was the thought it was for his sister, who was only nine. If he were here for Abby, then they would be having some serious problems. Jeri could only think that he could be here for one of his parents which also seemed unlikely. However, there were plenty of enlisted teens.

Jericho rolled down the window and opened his mouth to speak, but he was cut off by the start of the Star Spangled Banner. The instrumental resonated throughout the base, loud and yet pleasent enough to breach through walls and building for all to hear. Even civilians off base five miles out, and maybe more, could hear the band play clearly through the day. It started nicely, just as it always did. A smooth rendition that sounded as if it were played by the perfect band. Even from old speakers (wherever they were) the sound was crystal clear. The music, as it always did, prompted base dwellers to stop walked or talking or driving for the duration of the song; a group silence and stillness to appreciate the country. The base seemed to go into a freeze, everything still and quiet just for this. Once it ended, just a smoothly and naturally as it started, time seemed to resume and people were busy once again. However, the piece, designed to bring about pride and joy, did no such thing to Jericho. The banner played at the same time every day, right on the dot. Which meant only one thing. It was five o'clock.

Jericho scowled and blew the car horn twice, hard. "Get your *ss out here, Peter!" He yelled at the second floor window. Five more minutes and he was seriously going to leave that kid. What was he doing? Oh yeah, the kid. Jeri looked back out at this mystery fellow and rested his arm on the window frame and put one hand on the steering wheel. "If you're looking for my dad, he's still at work." Jeri raised a brow and then added, "Need directions?"
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