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Natalia Zaytsev - Stockholm, Sweden

"Well, with your power, it'll be a lot easier to find your mother as opposed to searching every phone book in the world. It might take some time but we will always help you," Natalia gave Afon a small smile. She too had lost her parents when she was young, though she didn't lose her parents to an accident. Their deaths could have been avoided. "You will never be alone when you are with us, alright?"

"Natalia. Don't be scared. I'm Helena, the girl Atticus picked up, and I'm invisible. Atticus needs help to get past the gate guards," Natalia turned her head to the empty space where the voice was coming from. This must be Atticus' recruit, Helena Andersson, as she had introduced herself as. Natalia nodded slowly.

"This could be a bit of a problem. Is there anything you think I could do? Or maybe you could just drag Atticus through a wall or something to get past?"

"You can be visible and relax if want. Thank you for telling me, Helena." she said in English. She wasn't fluent in Swedish but she was sure most people who lived in No, it's okay, stay here with Helena, please. I'll be right back."

Natalia left the two, exiting through a wall towards the airport. Her entrance didn't attract any attention; people were far too busy to notice her. It didn't take long to find Atticus, standing awkwardly a comfortable distance away from the gate. He was staring at his fingernails. Natalia didn't waste any time walking over to him and grabbing his arm.

"Natalia, good to see you too," he said, letting himself be dragged along, a sheepish look on his face.

"You're incapable!" she had no tolerance for his insufferable need to not plan anything. No wonder he had failed his last recruit. Natalia's three recruits had all succeeded in orientation and were now working towards the greater goal. She hurried towards the door, hearing a "hey! You!" before she phased through it. Oh no... now they would have to move.

"Everyone, let's go!" Natalia said to Andersson and Afon, pulling Atticus up the stairs into the plane. "Now!"

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