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Quote originally posted by vaporeon7:
I don't mind trying out, just tell me where and when the battles are, and I'll participate.
Okay so that's you/dragon/mia/kitty/drakow/me/smurf that's interested so far? Considering the rules say 5, we're going to have to wait to see if the others get back to me and just work out who's best through battling each other I guess. Judging on how I know the people...

Probably mia vs dragon, smurf vs you, drakow vs kitty and mia/dragon vs smurf/you aka whoever loses, and THEN the winner of the second match between m/d vs s/you faces me and that decides who gets in...?

idk if that even makes sense. ;x

Quote originally posted by XEL:
Lurking here ;)

But Leader don't have to participate. What I used to do was just send out the clans best five available battlers. If I was one of them, I'd join in the fray. If I wasn't, I'd let my members take care of things. Why hurt the clan, right? :P

Actually, that sounded bad.. I'm not saying you're a bad battler, Nica haha.. Iunno, do you get the GIST of what I meant? hahaha
Yeah I do, I'll add myself to the tryouts list I guess! ...tryouts in my mind.
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