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Quote originally posted by sodaplant:
Game looks awesome, like the idea and everything. Is the Darkrai trainer battle sprite purposefully a person with Darkrai connected to him, or did you do just do that because its really hard to get a trainer battle sprite without starting with a trainer format? Anyway keep up the good work.
Thanks, and yeah, it's Darkrai connected to Blue, as he's mind controlling him.

Quote originally posted by DarkDoom3000:
8 way movement should allow more flexable maps. (more diagonal paths and whatnot).
Interested to see how well it works.
It works well but has its problems, you have to remap anywhere with player touch events so the place isn't in one of the 4 directional movements, otherwise it can glitch up and crash the game.

Quote originally posted by Alina_Mau:
This really does look great and I love the choice of the GBC look with the newer game play styles. (ability effects and whatnot) I love the addition of the simulator! That is such a fun idea and a good money maker too.

I'd love to try this out with the next release and see the fakemon! :D
I'm hoping to squeeze a couple fakemon in here. I'll probably open up Gaia Cave, where one of them lies, but make it so you can't get through the whole dungeon.

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