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Helena Andersson - Bromma Airport, Sweden

Natalia didn't seem startled by her voice. Instead she nodded slowly. Apparently, the young man beside her had also heard Helena's whisper.

"This could be a bit of a problem. Is there anything you think I could do? Or maybe you could just drag Atticus through a wall or something to get past?" he said to Natalia. Helena thought that he must be one of them as well.

"You can be visible and relax if want. Thank you for telling me, Helena," Natalia said, in English of course, to Helena. Then she turned to the man beside her. "No, it's okay, stay here with Helena, please. I'll be right back."

Helena shook her head, not that anybody saw that of course. She didn't dare to turn visible now. She was pretty calm, for the circumstances, and able to stay cool and invisible. But when Natalia left them to go find Atticus, it felt a bit awkward standing there without Natalia's friend able to see her. So she turned visible again, after having thrown some glances around to make sure that they weren't being looked at much. Then she looked up at the man.

"Hi," she said in English. She had a feeling it would become her main language for a while now. "Are you too in this... organization, whatsitsname?"

"Everyone, let's go!" Natalia's shout suddenly came. She darted past them and pulled Atticus up the stairs into the plane. "Now!"

Helena's head turned back to where they came from, and she saw people running after them. Something had gone wrong. "Chased again...!" she thought out loud before running after the others, completely visible, into the plane.
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