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Originally Posted by zantetsu122 View Post
Welcome, my team, a new member has arrived!
Sucker Punch
Brave Bird
Highest stat is Atk which is 204. Currently rotated with Hydreigon.

I hammered my arm 4 times because Iris's Flygon kept EQ'ing and DClawing my pokemon to death. But good thing Braviary was that bulky and it survived Dragon Claw. After that Iris sent her DNite, which fell down with my Life Orb Ice Punching Mienshao. Then he last pokemon, Altaria, 1 Ice Punch= OHKO. How did her Milotic outsped my Electivire? Good thing Electivire OHKO'd it using Bolt Strike.
LOL Damn, was her Flygon really that strong?!?! Anyways, shoulda used Mienshao against it too...well...unless...Well, unless, you let it got Dragon Dance off, well in that case...Yeah, I understand your plight.

And I think it's holding a Yache Berry, which is even more *****-move on my part. LOL

But I guess it's no sweat since you've beat her...And no, I have no idea how Milotic outsped your Electivire...What level is yours on. I think its speed drops slightly once it evolve...I think.

Braviary your newest Pokemon, huh? So, you're adding it into your rotation, eh? Cool...Oh, by the way, I think I know where you caught that Braviary from...I mean, Rufflet; or it could be Braviary, they both live there.

So, anyways...Hehehe. It was up there by Route 10, huh? I smell a loophole. LOL

Anyways, I guess your next destination is Victory Road, huh? LOL I heard that the trainers inside are tougher than actually fighting the Elite Four...Yeah, I know I gotta fix that once I finally update the patch.

Till, next time...
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