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Originally Posted by qaz015393 View Post
just pm me the details; what image/s u want me 2 use *provide render/image link*, what text u want on it & what colors/themes u want *what color text do u want. if u want it/them something with a dark theme, space, red,etc*.

seems like this is coming along well. seems like il be looking forward to the sprites & the moves the most in this hack. keep up the great work.
I'll give it some thought then PM you when I'm ready to discuss it further.

Yeah the focus is on the Digimon for now, not the story or mapping.

Originally Posted by MrElephant View Post
Ok I told you Epitalp93 that I would look up some for my digimon cards 1st generation...
There are a lot. (40 or so)
Biyomon- pecking attack, spiral twister
piximon- pit bomb, magical tail
Otamamon- slammin attack, stun bubble
Kabuterimon- beetle horn attack, electorshocker
MegaKabuterimon- Electro Shocker, Horn buster
Petamon- Boom bubble, slamming attack
Pukumon- Needle squall, globerfish poison
Kunemon- Poison Winder, Electro thread
HerculesKabuterimon (I guess he is really strong)-Mega electro Shocker, Giga scissorclaw
Ikkakumon- Heat top, Harpoon torpedo
Okuwamon- beetle horn attack, and double scissor claws
demidevimon- evil whisper, demi dart
candlemon- Flame bomber, melted wax
Ok I have some more, but i have to go.
(might have some wrong letters, but I am rushed!!!)
I appreciate your help. I'll be adding moves soon, and this will help a lot.
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