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Originally Posted by Speedster View Post
I personally love both your ideas mitchel. The Trion Tokens sound very cool except I agree with Ash493. You need items that you can't normally get during game play. Although I think the move the books sounds very cool and fun. Like a hidden, secret passage in a scary massion. Or just a normal passage in an old lady's house. :P
Originally Posted by Osher99 View Post
This is an awesome hack.. I hope you release the seconed alpha soon. great job.
Thanks speedster, about the rewards, don't worry :P there are besides these items also special items and under (more...) there are also calcium and rare candys (I won't tell price :p)! Anyhow, thanks!

Originally Posted by Ash493 View Post
Nice new mission :)
But I'd like to see Rare Candies, or stat drinks as prizes in token exchange :D
Thanks ash493, like I said, there are more items then these ;)

Originally Posted by qaz015393 View Post
i think any thing u buy is an item lol *even if its a newspaper & not a item from the bag*.
sweet update this will make things interesting for the missions. now i want 2 do all the missions 2 see what i can get *& 2 see how they r as well since there r all interesting*.the book mission seems good. good luck
Thanks qaz!

Originally Posted by sickfish View Post
where is the 5th fungus in the forest? I think it is a bug that after trees
What do you mean? Are you talking about the 5th mushroom? Read the FAQ, like I said there is a time limit on this area this has been removed at alpha 2.1.5!

Originally Posted by miksy91 View Post
You've got some really nice scripts out there !
I'll be keeping an eye on this :)
Thanks, you sure should :P

Originally Posted by Tropical Sunlight View Post
Move the books looks really nice :)
Good luck with producing beta 2 :)

Lets keep this short and awesome! New gym and tomb pre-shot!
Never said so much in one line xD


Kyledove: Tiles
Morris and I: Tomb tiles
C.N.C: Tiles
Wesley FG: let use me the sky tiles from LP, thanks man!


Taivas's gym new fresh look! ^^

Tomb of Kha'laba tiles

Hope you liked it!