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OMG MINECRAFT SQUIRTAL! Sorry, I love watching pokemobs videos, haven't got to get it yet. too much stuff to download. Anyways, our first posts for Chosen kids will be them arriving on the island and stuff, Team Rosedew members will either be in a conference room with each other or around the area where the Chosen kids are, tricking non-chosen-kid trainers to get their pokemon. That I haven't decided yet. And The Gym Leaders will be there to greet the Chosen Kids. I'm planning to post the IC thread later, sense by time it gets accepted Quicksand'll probably done, if not we can make our first posts, just not our second posts.


Mick Fizz won't be playing Vulpix, because Genivieve (sorry I can't spell it right Gen) wanted to play her, and Mick Fizz said it was fine. So I'll be editing the list and stuff. So don't go all crazy when she signs up for a spot that someone else had signed up for. Because the person who had it said it was fine that they were fine not playing it and letting her play it. Prehaps I'm over explaining this, I tend to do that. Haha.

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