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Age: 16
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Username: Usagi-Chan~
Game(s): Pokemon White
Team(s): Unfezant, Sceptile, Ampharos, Gible, Infernape, Chandelure

EDIT: Progress update time~

Started game
Chose Snivy as starter.
Made my way to Striaton City with only Snivy.
Obtained Panpour.
Defeated Striaton City gym leader.
Defeated Team Plasma in the Dreamyard.
Traded over Pidove, Treeko, Mareep, Gible, Chimchar and Litwick. (All except Gible to evolve into their assigned letter)
Boxed Snivy and Panpour.
Leveled each team member to Level 14.
Chimchar evolved into Monferno.
Next Destination: Nacrene City.

Current Team:

Pita the Pidove, Lv. 14. Kino the Treeko, Lv. 14. Mareep, Lv. 14. Nibble the Gabite, Lv. 14. Infearno the Monferno, Lv.14. Chandy the Litwick, Lv. 14

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