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(Ooc: I'm going to bring Kilik somewhere around your part Kat, so you could sneak attack him next. :3 But he'll be cautious.)

Kilik Chambers

Nothing interesting. That would soon change. It was time to go, so Kilik grabbed his bag, put the strap over his shoulder & reverted back to his normal form. He looked around to see if anyone was watching. No one, so he climbed down his home. Nothing left to do. He walked his way to Eterna City, having a bad feeling for some reason. What was it? For now, what could he sell?

One place I should avoid is Jubilife City. No point in staying silent. Is it weird to talk to yourself? Maybe, but at least no one can read what you're thinking. What he has to sell, maybe that basket, but who would buy that? Someone would surely buy some berries of course.

Kilik could see Eterna City. He was almost there. Still, it's best to stay on guard no matter what. It was a rough life, for Kilik, for the kids, for everyone. Something felt a bit funny, like something bad was about to happen. Kilik tried to ignore the feeling & continued on, wary of what might happen.

(Ooc: On your next post Kat, I want Kat to attack Kilik. Just end the post with her seeing Kilik, waiting & then attack. Then I post & dodge the attempt. We'll wing it from there. Deal?)

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