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(OoC: Sure! ^-^ After he dodges, she will still be wary, but Candlelight assures her that you are harmless. X3 In his mind anyway.)

Kat sighed. "I haven't seen anymore adults Candle. Where to now?" Candle appeared next to her as a shadow. He looked around and sniffed the air. Kat could see his fur rising quickly.

"What is it? Who is there?" Candle ran to the bushes, but dissapated before he could go too far. (Unfamilar scent. Kat, hide.) Kat nodded and ran to the bushes. She hid there until a boy, about her age, walked near her.

Candle sighed (Just a kid.) The boy had short, brown hair and a strange looking jacket on. Candle and Kat gasped when they saw the basket. "F-Food!" Candle nodded and disappeared. Kat saw the boy walking away, and as he did, she started following him.

They were a long way away from the city by walking, so she had no worries. Kat waited for the right moment, and grabbed her knife. He was a kid, so she wouldn't kill him. But she could distract him. When she was sure she couldn't miss this, she pounced on him. She knocked him down and tried to cut his face and arms.

(OoC: You could push her off of you. Kat is pretty light. You could also say she missed cutting him too much.)
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