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Originally Posted by d4rka8isz View Post
I'm just wondering. How would Silver have a Crobat? He doesn't treat his Pokemon as friends so they theoretically shouldn't have high happiness... Unless you use the game's way of determining happiness which is winning battles.


Kind of big...

It's Gulpinzilla!!!
THAT GULPIN IS AMAZING. <3 Although your point about Crobat is interesting... But now I'm kinda wondering, why does Golbat evolve via happiness? That's certainly not something I would've thought of including o.o Crobat has nothing to do with happiness... If anything it should evolve by some kind of speed related method? Maybe leveling up whilst holding a choice scarf or something? x] Regardless, happiness certainly doesn't fit in with the Golbat/Crobat situation for me :3
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