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"Ow!" The boy she brought with her yelled when he hit the ground from about a two-foot drop rear first.

We should probably work on bringing people with us when we Teleport. The Kirlia didn't respond. Aly helped up the kid with no sense of direction, a few kids coming around to welcome the latter back home.

"Heheh, sorry guys, I couldn't find my way back, and next thing I knew I was in Jubilife City." He thanked the fellow child who just saved him, and ran off with his friends.

Our work here is done, and it's not even noon. The two decided to go back to Eterna City until they were needed again. Maybe take a nap in what was left of the forest.

However, they didn't really get a pleasant arrival in Eterna. Landing in the street, Alessa was just near a few guards, though thankfully out of their sight. To make matters worse, as soon as they started to split up, a Leaf Blade attack was flying right at her; meant for the guards? Silently cursing, she Teleported to the top of a building with a rip in her sleeve. Now she has to fix that. She looked around for the source and it was another kid, over by a tree before she ran away and brought the guards with her.

Alessa didn't get a good look. Just the dark-pink ponytail and a white top. Either way, the girl WAS convenient, so Sen felt like returning the favor. We could help her out, too, hun. She'd get caught soon enough having to deal with four of those guards. Magical Leaf should do the trick. And it certainly did. Not only did it surround the guards (with the exception of one at the head of the pack, who kept running after the girl), but it managed to cut down a few trees to leave their path blocked for when it wore off. Wanna follow her?

You bet. This could be fun. Teleporting past the caged-in guards and into a tree, Aly started following the last guard and the girl he was chasing from above. The excitement was helping her ignore the fact that all the morning Teleporting was starting to get to her.

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