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Scarlet Johnson

It was time to transform, Scarlet had held the guards long enough for Syrena to find where they kept all the other Spirit Wielders. And she was getting tired. Scarlet looked back at the guards, maybe she should use another attack? Scarlet was about to use another attack when leaves started to go around the three guards at the back. From who did it come from? But that didn't matter right now, some tree's fell down blocking there path. One of the guards managed to get forward and kept chasing Scarlet. She looked back forwards, hoping to keep running, "Ugh, my leg's are killing me!" Scarlet complained.

Not giving up, Scarlet carried on running forwards, she looked back at the guard, he tripped over at root from a tree. "Haha!" Scarlet pointed at him while laughing. When she turned back around she bumped into a tree, "Owch!" Scarlet fell down and sat on her but with both her leg's like a hill. The guard was back up and ran towards Scarlet, but she wasn't down that easily. Scarlet quickly transformed into her half animal form and hissed at the guard, he was about to grab Scarlet when she swooped out the way. "Is that you'r best?" Scarlet taunted with a slight smirk.

The guard gave a angry face and tried again, but Scarlet crawled under his legs and stood up behind him. Almost in a flash the guard turned around tried to get Scarlet again, but she ducked before he could grab her. Scarlet giggled as the guard kept missing, she only could do this because she was a good athlete and the fact that Leafeon's and good dodger's. Then a hand grabbed her arm behind her, she turned around and one of the guards that was stopped earlier was grabbing her arm. "Hey!" Scarlet said, turning her expression more worried. "Hehe!" She guard chuckled and the other two then came out from behind tree's.

Scarlet hesitated for a minuet, "You should know that no one can escape Earnest MacKenzie's guards." The guard that grabbed her said. Scarlet tilted her head, "Oh yea." She said. Scarlet quickly moved, she bit the guards arm with her fangs which made him let her go, then quickly ran up to the tree next to her and climbed up on to it. She held on to a strong branch and stood on a stronger one bellow. "Try and get me now, LOSER'S!" She said making a L sign with her hand. While she was up there, she might as well relax a bit.

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