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Chapter 4 - Mammon - Underworld

I kept myself silent when Raike awoke from his slumber. Even when he didn't get up right away, I didn't say anything aloud to disrupt his train of thought. It wasn't like I was physically there anyways. The tattoo on his neck was simply... A window. A window connecting the Demon Realm, to the Earth Realm. I was comfortable inside my room; gazing upwards at the ceiling where there was nothing but blackness. I didn't mind the silence. And Raike probably didn't mind it either. A sigh escaped from my lips.

The second the boy slipped into the bathroom, I immediately cut off my connection to his world; mumbling things under my breathe. Of course I would be polite enough not to watch him shower. Although, it's not like it mattered. Nudity was hardly something I rarely saw. Waiting for him to finish showering, I heaved off of my bed and wandered over to my assortment of blood-stained dresses. I inhaled the scent through my nose, and my eyes shined red with the color. In particular, I chose a shorter dress to go with a pair of destroyed jeans. The smell was familiar. If only Raike had taken a sniff of blood that previous night, he would have known whose blood was splattered over my clothing.

"I'm already up, you moron." His tattoo disappeared, and my humanoid form appeared beside him on the bed. "Watch you sleep? God, that would be boring. I had better things to do last night." I scowled. "We don't sleep. In fact, we don't have to eat or drink to live. But, you'll never see me turn down a couple of sweets." I grinned.

At the knock, I turned and glared at the door. God damnit. Couldn't the Gods leave the contestants alone for more than just bedtime? Slowly, I slipped off of the bed; eyes darkening as I approached the door. Another two taps of a knuckle on the wood, and I had my back pressed against the wall. With my eyesight, I easily looked beyong the door to see who it was that would bother their conversation. I muttered a swear and manifested myself into a cloud of red smoke; immediately retreating back into Raike's body.

"It's not a servant this time or a contestant. It's a Higher God. Hmph..."

Standing just on the other side of Raike’s door, I had seena God that seemed rather similar to Natruo. Not in the whole bloodthirsty, I’m-going-to-kill-your-childkind of way. Mostly the hair. What the heck was a saying? It was ONLY the hairthat was somewhat similar. Perhaps it was some sort of God fashion statement tohave two-toned hair? Who knows…

He was certainly taller than me; standing at about six and ahalf feet. Another thing was that all the Gods were weirdly tall. No midgetsand no chubby people here! He actually looked really good, to be perfectlyhonest with myself. He obviously was wearing contacts, because his eyes weremuch too blue to be natural. As for the hair I mentioned before, it was mostlyblonde; swept off to his left side and merged at the tips into a soft blue.Even with the seconds look I had at him, I had taken in each detail about theman behind the door. A photographic memory that imprinted itself in my head, ifyou will. The nameless man was dressed as though he was going to a four-star restaurant;a formal wear that could potentially look normal in a work building. A whitejacket hung on his shoulders, and was connected at the front by two blackbuttons at the center of his torso. Underneath, was what appeared to be asimple white shirt. On his lower half, he wore a pair of wash-out, nearly grey,jeans. For what covered his feet, he had chosen black dress shoes.

I closed my eyes as I fell onto my bed; thinking of thephysical description to learn more about who he was. I hadn’t seen any wings,but they could have easily been hidden with a spell, or under his jacket.Around his neck like a collar, was a thin, silver cord with what looked likecoloured beads at the front; consisting of greens and blues and whites. Wasthere anything suspicious about him? Not in the least. He seemed to be in abetter mood than Natruo ever was, and his posture was casual and almost toosimple to be a God.
"Your plans will fail, my sweet lady. And when they do, your stories will be nothing but lies, your rebellion will be in vain, and war will rage for years until you are but a speck of dust." - Noh
"The lies of your world will be exposed. My rebellion will rein over your realm, and no longer will this time be plagued by war." - ???
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