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Christian Calaway- Royal Family mansion, Boston, England

River was quick to respond, something that put Christian at ease. He was surprised, at least for a moment, that no one else had bothered to ask the question in the group that was brought over from London. River had made it fairly clear that her goal, along with the Royal Family's goal, was to train Atlanteans. Being their central purpose, Christian wanted to start. Now. Arising from her chair, River lead everyone out of the cafeteria. With full stomachs, her train of followers walked without much concern, more satisfied to be both safe and fed.

They were herded off to what River referred to as the Atrium, of which followed River pointing in random directions signifying the different locations in the mansion. Losing track halfway, Christian simply shook his head. I will have to figure out where everything is later, he thought. Not too good with directions unless he had a map available, Christian shrugged and move on following River closely after she motioned everyone to follow claiming there was "someone they needed to meet". From what he could gather, River was leading the group down to the living quarters of the various members of the Royal Family, if only because he saw River's name on a plaque at the end of the hall.

And then a wave hit. Something Christian had neglected to even ponder about for a moment. Something that had slipped his mind completely this past week.

The characters etched into the plaque on the door that River lightly tapped on were in an ancient language. Not skilled with languages by any stretch of the imagination, Christian did not recognize them at the least, but that is the lightbulb went off. That is when he had finally realized that one small detail: Atlantis. Having been too preoccupied with the fact that he has to keep himself from being Smokey the Bear's second worst enemy, the realization that these so called "Atlanteans" may actually trace their origins to the lost city of Atlantis leapt from the realm of possibility to the solid fact. Previously, he had entertained the idea that it was nothing more than name chosen because of the fact it rolled off the tongue well and that everyone was the product of some scientific experiment or something. Sure, it sounded crazy but so does having superpowers. But now….now it made more sense. The Royal Family's obvious social structure and hierarchy. Their resources. Their enemies.

But of course, this just made everything a little more frightening. What was the Royal Family planning? What was the AUP planning? And what was the Syndicate planning? If Atlantis was indeed real…..the possibilities just doubled in amount and magnitude.

Christian had no time to theorize for the door that River knocked on had opened. River shuffled the recruits in and closed the door gently. The focal point of the room was a frail woman, who looked about as ancient as the writing on the plaque. She appeared to be mediating on a pillow, though immediately welcomed her visitors. Perhaps she was not in deep thought after all.

"Welcome young Halflings, I am the Oracle, one of the original Atlanteans that walked the massive continent….” She appeared to have paused, as she was gathering her thoughts in order to complete her introduction. Or perhaps her senile mind was running out of control. “I survived the destruction of Atlantis and watched the world evolve and die before my very eyes, but an even bigger disaster looms, and you are all a part of it. As my gift to you, I will tell you a single prophecy; my eyes have seen all that has happened, will happen and could ever happen.”

Christian's eyes widened, for he could not help being uneasy from her words. If what she was saying was true, then Atlantis was real. It was more than some myth he would read about on Wikipedia. It was more than the subject of some crappy Disney film. If her story rung true, Christian would want to know more about it. He could learn something from her. But prophecies? Christian couldn't decide how to stomach those.

She approached everyone one by one. Each prophecy being worse than the last, more ominous and frightening. She stood before the tall, graying biker and uttered these words: “Your word will change the fate of the world."

Shaking slightly, the only word he could muster was, "…what?"

It was too late. River had already lead them out of the room. His mind was empty, unable to hear any commotion from the others. Those words continued to ring in his ear. He was unsure why they left such a lingering impact. River lead everyone to their rooms, of which Christian immediately step in as he was hypnotized to do so. It was quaint with a bed, a single window, a closet, shelves, and few decorations to add some character to an otherwise plain room. It was fine. Christian sat on the bed and stared at the blank wall.

"My word will change the fate of the world….."

His whole life he had imagined himself being able to change the world. Build it in his image. Make it a better place. But now? He suddenly doubted himself. This was a burden he did not want to bear. At least not now. Maybe not ever.

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