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Kilik Chambers

Seriously though. What was this girl's problem? Sure life went chaos, but that shouldn't lead to kids killing kids. It's just...messed up, like the hunger games. "S-Shut up. You don't know what I have to do for food! I would never do that anyway. What kid would kill another kid?!" Then why did she try to kill Kilik? For the food of course. She seemed to be calming down a bit already. How exactly, when she was already at that temper? "S-Sorry. I didn't mean to snap at you." That went well...

She wanted food right? What did Kilik have in his basket anyway? He looked in it for a minute, found a half loaf of bread. There was other food he already has, some he'll be trading. He took the bread from the basket & threw it at the girl, feeling generous but wary. "There, you got your food," He wasn't finished. "but, you have to tend to my wound 'you' gave me." That would surely make them even. The question is, should he trust her? Just to be safe, he'll keep his guard up.

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