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Okay, here goes.

My first gaming system was, oddly, a PSP in May 2008. With Burnout Dominator and Shrek III. That PSP now belongs to my brother, and I've gone through 2 PSP 3000's so far : one was slammed on the floor by my cousin (he was 3 years old and managed to snag it out of my pocket) and one I'm using now. Brilliant system, mainly due to the emulators, which give it a HUGE library. That is awesome for me, since I've missed countless of great SNES, GBA, NES, Genesis, PSX, etc. titles, due to being born in 1998.

I've owned 2 DSs. One was a turqoise (spelled wrong :?) DS Lite I bought from an airport in France. Top screen is shattered, making it unusable. The 2nd one was a black DSi, which I abandoned for my 3DS. (lol)

And finally, a 3DS. Spent over 600 hours on it since late July 2011. Brilliant, full of great games, couldn't recommend it more.

I also own a Wii and a PS3, though I barely play these. They were both birthday presents for my little brother, so they're technically his, though he never plays his Wii anymore. We got these in 2010 and 2011 respectively (both in April).
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