Thread: B2/W2: Storyline Speculation!
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I think it might be what GSC was to Red and Blue. My theory goes like this:
-New player characters
-A few years after BW, N returns from Hoenn to Unova
-Black/White is the Champion
-They work together to find Ghetsis
-Kyurem is up to no good
-he starts causing trouble in our neighborhood
-old Plasma members start worshiping him
-Cheren becomes kinda like Steven in Emerald, wandering around the region and training
-He turns out to be one of the gym leaders later on
-Kyurem's plot unfolds after you have 7 badges
-Everyone works together to beat him and you can catch him
-There's 2 new items like the Griseous Orb that puts Kyurem into his forms
-Obvious hints at 3D RS remakes throughout the game
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