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For the first time all year, I actually spent more than an hour hunting, "lol."

1066 Eevee conquered by William of Normandy (none of them were shiny, unfortunately).

Quote originally posted by Latios Master:
It must be reunion week.
Quote originally posted by ShinySearcher01:
it seems to be member revival week in the SHC
This is so awesome! I like revival week better than reunion week, though, since it reunion sounds temporary, whereas what's happening now at the SHC is a permanent upswing! It only gets better!! :cer_laugh:

Quote originally posted by Landorus:
Quote originally posted by Razer302:
Haven't been around here in ages
Quote originally posted by Chr. Draco:
Hi everyone,
Quote originally posted by DDD'SSCEPTILE:
This will make G-Money happy, lol.
WELCOME BACK!! It's really great to see so many great hunters return.

Congrats on the Tentacool, DDD! I knew you'd get one soon!

Quote originally posted by RingoH:
My dream is to catch a shiny ditto. I want one so bad and since they can't be bred... Well I see it as elusive.
Go for it, dude! Ditto is one of the coolest-looking shinies out there.

Quote originally posted by Weber:
charmander to finally shine after 27238 soft resets and eggs combined.
Please excuse me while I go get my jaw off of the floor. 27,238!???? My goodness Weber, that's insane!!! That must be one of the longest hunts ever. A huge congrats on getting it and I hope you get BOTH Bulbasaur and Squirtle really soon! You deserve the whole trio for that many, "lol."

Quote originally posted by Lady Demoonica Darkmoon:
Total Shiny Hunter Club Count: 45 of 56 are Club acceptable
The rules have changed a little bit, at least for the moment. Since there aren't any cards or Pokedex at the moment, we're being a bit lax with counting things. MetalMario mentioned a few months ago about making a new Dex for the club that would categorize shinies by method obtained, which would eliminate worrying about what would or wouldn't count, allowing everyone to make their own distinctions. For example, even though the club doesn't support RNGing or ROMs, people would still be able to hunt that way and then they'd get sorted under their respective categories. MM hasn't been around for a while, though, so I can't promise if that will happen. If not, we might start up the manual Dex again at some point in the future.

Quote originally posted by GolurkIsDaBomb:
because my hunt has ended
Congrats! Good luck on your Ocean Palette Quest - that's probably the most creative hunt I've heard of. Also, welcome to the Eevee race!

Quote originally posted by Vladimir Makarov:
Congrats!! It seems your shipment of luck has been delivered, "lol."

Quote originally posted by Keruso: games dont want to give me what i want
"lol" Keruso, I can't believe you're complaining about getting a shiny! If it makes you feel any better, just think about if that Venomoth wasn't shiny - you wouldn't have thought twice about it! There's no way that it should yield a negative happiness utility, "lol." At the very least it should be 0, since that's what a normal Venomoth would be. I know you already now this, but still: that Venomoth isn't taking any shininess out of your game!! Your next Abra still has a 1/8192 chance (well, whatever probability your line has ), and it's not like the Venomoth is sapping any shininess away from potential Abra!!!!

SRing for Abra is really fun, since you can do 81 at a time and it seems like they're a lot faster. You wouldn't have to worry about those evil shiny Venomoth drinking out of your Abra's luck buckets that way...I hear the Game Corner keeps very good care of their luck buckets and makes sure all of the Pokemon kept there get their fair share. :cer_laugh:

Quote originally posted by Sephirothxx:
How do you guys get the patience to look for shinies and/or hatch shinies? I'd go on long expeditions for shinies and I can never get a hold of one.
Maybe you should try counting your encounters? I find that counting how many Pokemon I've seen gives me a lot of determination to keep going, since I can tangibly see my number getting closer to my next shiny. Maybe start by doing something like 200 encounters each day (in 3rd gen games, this is only about an hour each day), and you'll likely have a shiny in about 40 days! Just keep up hope, and remember that the next one could always be shiny!
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