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Originally Posted by oldsnake90 View Post
having trouble with the audio of the battles and the wild battles and sound effects. the volume it too low how do you change it so its normal sound like the out of battle audio?
I've fixed that for the next release.

Originally Posted by P-Sign View Post
I've got a problem with the latest version of Essentials. Everytime I play test my project within RMXP the Debug menu keeps popping up. This only happens when I play test it from within RMXP, not when I execute game.exe .

I hope anyone can help me.
Have you changed anything in Essentials? That doesn't happen in the base version.

I really think this thread should only be for bugs that appear in clean copies of the latest version of Essentials. If the error happens because you've done something to it, then you can make a question thread about it instead.
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