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Kat's fists balled up as she listened to Candle reassure her and himself that the boy would not harm them. "I get it okay?!" Kat mumbled to Candlelight. Kat sighed and lifted her head to look at the boy.

The boy threw a half loaf of bread at Kat. She formed slightly to help her catch it. You wouldn't have been able to notice it, but her claws are what caught it. She quickly formed back and took a bite from the bread. She then stuffed the rest in her jacket pocket to save it for later. She cannot pig out or it will be gone too quickly. "T-Thanks." Kat practically whispered.

"There, you got your food, but, you have to tend to my wound 'you' gave me." That sounded fair. "Tend? Candle, what does he mean?" Kat said to Candlelight. (Heal him. Don't do it like you do to yourself though. Our saliva is slightly uh... poisonous to humans. Go get the shirt from the man from earlier. Rip off a strip and wrap it around the boy's arm.) Kat nodded. "Sounds easy enough! I will try to." Kat ran over to the bush where she stowed the traveler's bags, and grabbed a relatively clean shirt. She tore a strip off and walked to the boy. She wrapped the strip around his arm tightly, and when she was done, she smiled at her handiwork. "Done!" Kat wiped off her smile when she realized the boy was so close to her. Kat quickly backed away and looked at the ground. He seemed... No. Nothing. (Don't you start that Kat. He is just a lowly human.) Kat nodded and stood there. Silent.
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