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I started a new game in Pokemon Diamond Thursday.  I'm a guy but I like picking the girl in Diamond because I like how she looks over the boy. I named her Dawn. 
February 23,2012
I started off with Turtwig after beating the two Starly at Lake Verity. I got the Pokedex from Professor Rowan and nicknamed Turtwig, "Twigleaf." It took me a while to catch my first Pokemon cause I wanted something good. After aimlessly walking around I found a Shinx at lvl 4 and caught it. I battled the trainers there and headed to Jubilife City. Once I arrived I delivered the parcel to my rival Barry and battle the trainers there.Got the Poketch and I headed north to Route 204. I battled the trainers there and saved.
Twigleaf lv. 10

Kimba lv. 9. 

February 24 2012
I'm gonna fit two days in this post. I picked up this morning and headed to Oreburgh City. Fought Barry and after almost losing I realized I need another Pokemon. I caught a Starly at lv. 5. I trained Starly a bit and made it to Oreburgh. First thing I did there was head to Oreburgh mine. Found Roark there and he went back to his gym. Battled the trainers there and leveled up Turtwig and Starly a few levels. Turtwig grew to level 13 and learned Razor Leaf. Before battling Roark I decided to explore the city. I found a women in one building who wanted a Machop her Abra. Thought it was a good deal so I searched for a Machop in Route 207. I caught one and trained it to level 8 before trading it to her. Then I went to the Gym. I easily defeated the trainers with Abra and it leveled to lvl 13. I beat Roark's Geodude with one Razor Leaf and Onix with Razor Leaf, Tackle and Absorb. I beat Cranidos with just Razor Leaf and got the Coal Badge and Stealth Rock. 

Later I went to Jubilife to mess around a bit. I went downstairs of the Pokemon center and got my Pal Pad. I also went to the Poketch Company and got the Memo Pad. I beat Team Galactic for the first time and after that messed around in Jubilife TV. I battle a PokeKid and dressed up Shinx. I put the Fiery backdrop, Turtwig mask and the fluff things. I named my picture Flash Fire. Soon after I headed to Floroma Town. When going to Route 205 I ran into the girl looking for her father in the Valley Windworks. I trained Shinx a bit and then easily defeated Team Galactic at the Windworks and Floroama Meadows. While in the Valleyworks my Shinx evolved into Luxio and Starly evolved into Staravia. Double whammy! 

Twigleaf lv. 17 
Kimba lvl 15 

Staravia lvl 14
Kazza lvl 13
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