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Quote originally posted by fishyfins:
hey guys, i need a little help

Can anyone remember/tell me which pokemon opening sequence featured most of the legendary pokemon? i remember once watching an opening that had all (or nearly all) the legendaries in, but cant seem to find it again. i know it was post gen-4, cos it featured the diamond and pearl legendaries. i dont think it was a regualar season either, so maybe a movie? its been driving me mad XD ive tried searching for movie openings on youtube for the D/P era, but cant seem to find any. please help XD
Advanced Battle featured them all, up to Gen III obviously. But after watching all the D/P ones on Youtube it seems that Sinnoh League Victors features the most legendary Pokemon, it's the last season in the D/P saga. So you were looking for the wrong thing. :P
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