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Allegra returned to her room after another day of being overworked. Collapsing on the mattress on the floor, she stared at the ceiling and sighed. She had to get out of here. The memory of Serah lingered everywhere she went, and she couldn't bear it anymore. The little girl took her sister's heart locket out from underneath her shirt and fiddled with it. "The world just isn't the same without her, Zephyr." The Jolteon spirit appeared beside her out of thin air. "I know it hurts, Allegra. Your pain is my pain as well. I feel it every day when we are forced to work and suffer." Zephyr padded closer to his friend and placed his front paws upon her torso. "We can get out of here, you know. With my speed and your size, it would be easy to outmaneuver any guards." Allegra thought about this for a while. They had considered escaping before, but... for some reason she always hesitated. Out of fear, perhaps? Fear of capture? Death? Fear of the future? The girl sighed once more and put the necklace back underneath her oversized shirt.

Just then, the two heard a commotion outside. It sounded like the guards were yelling and running away. What could have happened to make them so active? Allegra went to the window and Zephyr vanished behind her, not wanting to be seen if anyone came along. The Spirit Wielder peered through the barred window, looking for signs of any disturbance.
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