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Originally Posted by Vendour View Post
Everyone is forgetting one crucial element of this controversy: Arceus's backstory is only a myth. A tale passed down from generation to generation in the Sinnoh region. However, with Mew, there is enormously strong evidence that supports the theory that Mew is the original Pokemon, and the ancestor of all Pokemon. Mew's DNA contains the genes of every Pokemon, and it can learn any Pokemon move, and it can transform into any Pokemon. Those are huge characteristics. It's pretty difficult to argue against Mew as the ancestor of all Pokemon when Mew has these attributes, while Arceus only has an epic rumor.
I stumbled on something quite interesting"
The first legendary Pokemon that Red saw was Mew; he tried to capture it, but due to his lack of experience he was unable to catch it. In the Emerald arc, Emerald used soil from Mew's birthplace to calm down all the rental Pokémon as Mew had the DNA of all Pokémon. This leaves me to believe that Mew has all and Arceus Dna and Im sure they dont know for sure were is Mew's birthplace. Many people believes that Mew cant be of such responsibility as to judging it by its nature and personality in the movies as a playful creature not serious about life or danger unless its to its max. Mew is the first if it carries every Pokemon' Dna as "Vendour" stated, it has strong reasons to be the first as to saying how we know that every thing in the movies are real, like meaning that Im sure they haven't capture Mew's dna if it is a mirage Pokemon, what method did they use to get such Dna to make these statements and as for Arceus if indeed it is a God Pokemon then how was it disabled by Palkias spacial powers, I thinks its all just legends if you ask me.