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Ugh. People even complain when you save their hides. So annoying. "None of your business," she said.

"I could always just take you back and let you get caught by the guards."

"I was doing something really important!" Aly could tell the girl was looking for a way down, but she must've given up. She sat down and started blabbing again. "And who are you?"

"I'll answer your questions, but I expect my own questions to be answered, too." She lowered her sunhat off her head and politely bowed to the girl. "My name is Alessa. You almost hit me with that Leaf Blade of yours, but I couldn't just leave you to the guards; I Teleported you with me here to Hearthome after following along for a bit. Now I'd like to know your name, and my previous question answered."

The whiner was looking anxious to get back. Did she leave something behind? "If you have anymore business in Eterna City, I can assist you."


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