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Originally Posted by Dane Maiatsu Puffizard View Post
ND 58 Munna
ND 15 Pansea
ND 55 Ralts
ND 17 Darumaka
ND 61 Elgyem
ND 29 Simipour
ND 54 Mewtwo EX
ND 13 Arcanine
ND 34 Frillish
ND 68 Mienshao
ND 65 Hippopotas
ND 23 Staryu
ND 67 Mienfoo
ND 3 Kricketot
ND 69 Sneasel
ND 89 Level Ball
ND 24 Starmie
Originally Posted by 0311usmc View Post
i found this book of 1st edition and holographic cards, im not a collector of pokemon cards and i am wondering if i have anything of any value or rarety. please if anyone could let me know what i have thank you

BASE pokemon unlimited
Alakazam 1/102 Holo
Gyarados 6/102 Holo
Hitmonchan 7/102 Holo
Magneton 9/102 Holo
Mewtwo 10/102 Holo
Machamp 8/102 x2
Nidoking 11/102 Holo
Chansey 3/102 Holo
Clefairy 5/102 Holo
Raichu 14/102 Holo
Zapdos 16/102 Holo

FOSSIL pokemon unlimited
.Articuno Holo 2/62
Raichu Holo 14/62
Aerodactyl Holo 1/62
Dragonite Holo 4/62
Haunter Holo 6/62

JUNGLE pokemon unlimited
Vaporeon 12/64 Holo
.Electrode 2/64 Holo
Nidoqueen 7/64 Holo
Pidgeot 8/64 Holo
Flareon 3/64 Holo
Victreebel 14/64 Holo
Mr. Mime 6/64 Holo

TEAM ROCKET pokemon unlimited
holographic Dark Weezing

lv52 #009 Blastoise
Lv30 #082 Lt. Surge's Magneton (foil)
Lv34 #045 Erika's Vileplume (foil)
Lv44 #065 Sabrina's Alakazam (foil)
Lv42 #130 Misty's Gyarados
Lv30 #082 Lt. Surge's Magneton
Lv35 #036 Erika's Clefable
Lv23 #123 Rocket's Scyther
Lv35 #150 Rocket's Mewtwo
Lv58 #034 Giovanni's Nidoking
Lv18 #051 Dark Dugtrio
Lv33 #149 Dark Dragonite

21/82 Dark Charizard

1st edition cards
21/82 dark charizard
8/102 Machamp x2
51/82 dark Raticate
59/82 machop
69/82 Voltorb
52/82 diglett
50/82 charmander
61/82 Mankey
67/82 slowpoke
Originally Posted by kane145 View Post
you asked me to find the names of the pokemon no. and lvls i posted so here they are sorry it took so long and i put English/Japanese versions of the names :)
Bulbasaur/ Fushigidane no.001 lvl.15
Para/Paras no.046 lvl.8
Sandshre/Sand no.027 lvl.20
Pidgey/Poppo no.016 lvl.15
Charmander/Hitokage no.004 lvl.9
Exeggcute /amatama no.102 lvl.15
Sandslash/Sandpan no.028 lvl.33
Porygon/Porygon/Polygon no.137 lvl.20
Charmander/Hitokage no.004 lvl.16
Geodude/Imuksubute no.074 lvl.15
Sandslash/Sandpan no.028 lvl.34
Dratini/Miniryu no.147 lvl. 12
Venonat/Kongpang no.048 lvl.12
Golem/Golonya no.076 lvl.36
Tentacool/Menokurage no.072 lvl.16
Persian/Persian no.053 lvl.25
Koffing/Dogars no.109 lvl.12
Kabuto/Kabuto no.140 lvl.9
Goldeen/Tosakinto no.118 lvl.10
Fearow/Onidrill no.022 lvl. 27
Oddish/Nazonokusa no.043 lvl.21
Diglett/Digda no.050 lvl.15
Seaking/Azumao no.119 lvl.28
Spearow/Onisuzume no.021 lvl.13
Weepinbell/Utsudon no.070 lvl.26
Onix/Iwark no.095 lvl.41
Golduck/Golduck no.055 lvl.23
Rattata/Koratta no.019 lvl.7
Nidoran♀/Nidoran♀ no.029 lvl.13
Cubone/Karakara no.104 lvl.13
Horsea Tattu no.116 lvl.10
Hypno/Sleeper no.097 lvl.10.
Paras/Paras no.046 lvl.17
Marowak/Garagara no.105 lvl.26
Voltorb/Biriridama no.100 lvl.12
Nidorina/Nidorina no.030 lvl.35
Mankey/Mankey no.056 lvl.7
Magnemite/Coil no.081 lvl.12
Muk/Betbeton no.089 lvl.25
Mankey/Mankey no.056 lvl.12
Magnemite/Coil no.081 lvl.12
Zubat/Zubat no.041 lvl.10
Sandshrew/Sand no.027 lvl.20
Dodrio/Dodrio no.085 lvl.28
I'll get to the cards you three have posted later this week.

Originally Posted by YuDaMan View Post
I'm seeing those go for around $4-$10 and some of the lower priced ones are still in the platic packaging.

Does anyone know how much a 1st edition charizard card is worth in Spanish and Dutch? They are in mint condition.
Finally someone else who's helping with pricing! Out of curiosity, where are you seeing that price?

If I had to guess (since I've been having trouble finding some for sale on eBay), I'd say they'd fetch between $10 and $20 based on the price of the English one.

Originally Posted by Charizard454 View Post
Ok, 3 more cards:

Gligar (Shadowless i think)
HP: 350 (!?!?)
Retreat Cost: ***** (5)(!?!?!)

49/90 - Nothing but the hp and retreat cost are weird about this one...except that the hp and name text are in gold...


12/114 - If its holographic, its the weirdest holo ive ever seen, it makes it almost impossible to see in the pic!



Same thing as the Maractus, but 5x as bad....

Proabably all fakes, i got them in package though, but its probably not too hard to forge a fake plastic wrapping too :P
Gligar is for sure fake.

Maractus is likely real. Not sure if it's a holofoil rare or not (I think it is), but that looks like the new holo pattern they're using on Pokemon cards now.

Munna looks fake.

Could you get better pictures up? I'd also like to know what the set symbol for the card is. It's at the lower-right-hand corner of the card, and for these two is should be a square box with 4 square boxes inside of it, the top-left and bottom-right ones being white, and the top-right and bottom-left ones being black.

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