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Originally Posted by Kaylachu View Post
We would most certainly love to trade with you! Since this is run by two people, I will have to conference with my other half, but I would like to do something where you get 3 of your wants from me, and 3 from her. Also, I would like to do tradebacks with you for Dex purposes, so we'll PM you seperately once I talk with the other half. Alright?
Ye that would be super. I know about Mother already, she was very kind and gave me a Zorua for my collection since i missed one Just let me know, i have taken all the pokemons from my former game into my Black. But im going over Pearl/SoulSilver/Platinum to get all the normal pokemon i miss and several legendary so im able to trade them for other i need in my collection Just restarted the other games today, so have some days with playing ahead of me xD But the starter pokemons from gen 123 are a pain to get. 4 and 5 are easy since i have those games myself Just send a PM when you have talked, i would love to cooperate with you