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“This is getting boring~ she’s just sitting there!”

Alfred sighed internally at Fog’s impatience. Al was actually really curious as to what was going to happen. Was the boy just going to leave this ‘wild child’ be, or was he going to try to convince her to let him help her? Travel with him? These were all questions he felt needed answering.

However, Fog didn’t let up his constant pestering, and due to the two having grown into a rather similar mindset, the boredom slowly started settling over Alfred as well as he leaned back against the tree trunk for a bit.

“Come oooon, let’s find someone else to follow around! Maybe we can even find some food~”

This caused Alfred’s stomach to growl ever so slightly, a small frown on his lips. He –was- starting to get a little hungry… and he had an odd feeling he would see the two again at some point. Eventually, he gave in with a roll of his eyes.

“Alright, fiiiine… but you owe me one!” Fog cackled internally and Alfred grinned at the idea of finding something to eat as he slowly turned see-through and eventually completely invisible, floating out of the tree and towards the forest, sending a final glance back at the two kids.

Good luck with her. I think you’ll need it..

He only turned visible again once he had entered the forest, floating onwards at random, following a slightly down-trodden path of grass. “Say, Fog…” “Hmmm~?” “What was it like, back… you know, when there were Pokémon everywhere?”

At this question, the ghost turned quiet for quite a while before responding, a little less cheerfully than before. “It wasn’t the best… but at the same time it was. It sure was a lot easier back then… and a lot more interesting stuff was happening. Legends and everything flourishing all over. Not like now, where nothing exciting happens… at least, other than what you make of it.”

“… Hmh.” Alfred was quiet as they floated through the forest for a while, almost about to respond to it when he heard someone running through the forest, shouting out loudly; “Yes! Let’s go look for some people!"

What in the world was going on? Finally, something was happening! Even if it sounded a bit off. He decided to move behind a tree, never once touching the ground. Eventually, a bare-footed, brown-haired kid came running through the forest as fast as he could. Well, if he weren’t someone interesting to talk to, at least he’d make for a quick snack…

This made both Fog and Al’ bare their teeth in a mischievous grin before moving out onto the path in full view of the kid, still floating off the ground, lifting his hands up in front of him.

“Hey, hey, whoa there! Where’s the fire, kid?”
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