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Helena Andersson - Somewhere over Europe
Everyone darted into the airplane and apparently it began moving almost instantly. Helena felt a bit lost, but found a seat near Nikolai and tried not to get in the way as the airplane gathered speed on the ground and everybody seemed tensed.

"We're not gonna make it!" Atticus yelled out. Helena couldn't see why, but heard how the others were worried.

"Shut up! We're gonna be fine!" someone said. Helena wasn't calmed by that. Atticus was the only person here that she somewhat trusted, yet, and if he was acting like this she was worried too. But there was nothing she could do but to close her eyes.

"Cooper! You did it!" a woman in a chair some ways from Helena squealed after a few moments. Helena opened her eyes again. They hade made it, from whatever had been the problem. Nice.

"Landing gear hit the plane, but we're gonna be alright," Cooper, which was apparently the pilot's name, sighed. "Next stop, AUP home base in France!"

"France..." Helena said quietly. They were flying to France all of a sudden, and Helena only had a small backpack with her. So confusing. But she was with... AUP. That was the name of her organization. Atlantean Unification Project, right? She was good with doing her part when it came to work; she was never a lazy worker. But this wasn't work. This was something different, apparently something she had to do, both for her best and for the best of others. Others like her...

She silently watched her hand as she made her index finger go invisible. She couldn't control it completely though, and after a few seconds, her whole hand was starting to disappear, until it suddenly came back. Helena sighed. Maybe she should try to train her control over that ability of hers.

"Hi! I'm Annie! You are Helena, right?" the woman that had shouted Cooper's name before suddenly said to her. Helena looked up and snapped out of her thoughts.

"Yes. Helena," she said and nodded.

Annie seemed content with that simple reply. "This is Nikolai!" she said and turned to the young man beside Helena. The swede nodded at him as a hello. Normally, she'd put out her hand and greeted him friendly, but this wasn't really a normal situation and Helena was still a little bit shaken.

"He's also a new Atlantean recruit like yourself!" Annie went on. "And flying the plane is Cooper, he looks after us all at headquarters. In there is, Atticus, I'm sure you already know that, and Natalia, who brought Nikolai here." Annie stopped at an awkward time, only to hear an excessively angry "scraped?!' shouted by Natalia. Annie's eyes darted to the bandage on Helena's arm and Helena saw that and reflexively pulled her other hand up to cover the wound or something. She wasn't sure why she did that. Atticus' make shift bandaging held up fine though.

"Are you hungry? Thirsty? I would help you myself but I can't really move, haha," Annie said and glanced at her useless legs briefly. Helena did too. Oh, so she wasn't just sitting down? Helena wondered if something had happened or if that was just how she was... but thought she'd better not ask. Then she remembered that Annie just asked her something and was just about to reply when another angry word was heard from the other area.

"Sorry about those two, they argue a little," Annie said, rather needlessly. "Atticus was Natalia's first recruit, see, and Atticus isn't really... well, they clash a little."

"I see," Helena said, finally saying something. That was a bit interesting though. Natalia seemed like a strong and wise woman and Atticus was more of the careless type. No wonder they could clash. "And, um, I'm not hungry actually. Atticus already bought me some food." She smiled a little. "But something to drink would be nice."

She then leaned back in her seat and glanced through a window. Clouds outside. She wondered where they could be. She rarely flew somewhere and had no idea of how fast planes usually went.

"Annie..." she began, hoping the woman was as kind as she seemed. "When we get to France... what will happen with me and Nikolai?"
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