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No one minds if I answer these questions?
• What is your favorite Dark-Type? Umbreon
• When did you start liking your Favorite Dark Pokemon? Sometime around 3 gen I created a Gym Leader and too be different I picked Dark since it didnt exist(and still doesn't exist) and after researching I fell in love with the type
• Favorite Dar-Type Move? Dark Pulse.
• Which is the most Underrated? Vullaby.
I think most people ignore it cause it's not as cool as Rufflet/Braviary. But I got one in a trade the other day and it has a really good movepool.

And for the new topic.
For certain moves such as Crunch ,Bite ,Faint Attack it didn't seem fair cause they appear as physical moves that would actually require contact. In Generation I Bite was a normal physical move and making it a special move sort of demoted that. And like what ShinyHoundoom said, certain Pokemon like Houndoom it was an advantage cause of it's Dark/Fire typing both types of moves were special.

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