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Well, thanks psyanic. But now that that I think about it, I need a few final things solved before I feel I'm ready to continue with the fic:

Well, I have the basic plot charted out: Greg lands in Unova, encounters Juniper and Fennel who try to get him home, Greg treks through Unova to get parts for the portal, ultimately needing a part that Team Plasma and N needs to fulfill their plans of awaking the dragon and separating humans and Pokemon, and opposes them to get the final piece for the way home. I'm worried about the thought that it's going to be anti-climatic. Greg really doesn't give a care about Pokemon, as his only real experience of them before he meets his Zoroark sidekick are several creatures trying to maul him, and because of this he really only opposes Team Plasma because they're more or less "in the way". I choose to set the fic in Unova because there's a lot of potential for tension between an organization dedicated to liberating Pokemon(though Ghetsis plans otherwise) and someone who's experience with Pokemon is pretty much like Greg's.

The whole reality morality vs. fictional morality is a good central theme now that the hero doesn't battle with Pokemon, with the knight in shining armor Zoroark sidekick providing a good POV from the other side of Greg's reality morality views, but because Greg in this fic doesn't really care about them, I need the moral to be something different. I have an idea about the conflict between the two sets of morals amounting to the lesson being "your right to wave your fist in the air ends where the other man's nose begins", going by psyanic's fangame quote about hypocrisy in stopping other peoples beliefs, and the other reason being that it's basically the moral of Team Plasma when you take out Pokemon in my opinion, because even though Team Plasma has support for their goals, there's a good amount of people in Unova that cherish their relationships with Pokemon. Because this theme of the fic basically amounts to a moral argument, How do I set this up to a satisfying emotional climax? An idea comes to mind about Greg teaming up with Kyurem because he realises that if the sturggle between Truth and Ideals continues, it will just end up tearing Unova apart and tries to end it once and for all, but I don't think that ties in well with the planned moral above. Ideas? Comments? Help?

Then, I kinda want to stick to Greg's original stick of him braving Unova more or less without the help of Pokemon. I realize that whenever a human gets involved in a fight it instantly turns dark, but Greg's going to run into trouble sooner or later. I realize that wild Pokemon won't attack him if he leaves them alone, but the bad guys are a different story. Say for example the little Hunter J arc I have planned out as a conclusion for Greg's encounters with the Musketeers: J unintentionally saves Greg during one of Greg's run ins with them, and thanks to his lack of knowledge about the Pokemon world, agrees to help her out. Juniper and Fennel contact him about how she's a callous poacher, and Greg basically spies on her for the next chapter or so in order to get another piece for the portal. When he finally gets it, he decides to let the airship's captured Pokemon out to wreck up J. She finds out about his actions, and this leads into an encounter. Basically what I'm asking is, how does Greg fight those types of encounters out while still keeping tone? I understand that by doing this I'm walking a very narrow tightrope here, and I could use some help about this.

And last, I'm kinda worried about this being not really a Pokemon fanfic. When it comes down to it, the fic is focused on Greg, who isn't a trainer. Because I plan on him giving out the moral I wrote about, I want him to learn one in return. Like I wrote before, I want it to be 'you don't know what you have till it's gone" because Greg has pretty much been yanked out of his life that he kinda took for granted. How do I balance out the fic having that special Pokemon touch while simultaneously being the story of a man struggling against a strange and dangerous world in order to get back the things he holds dear?

Once again thank you for the help you guys have been giving me.
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