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Kilik Chambers

It seemed Kat didn't get why Kilik does those stuff. "Selling? Buying? Why would you sell your food?" Kilik didn't answer to this question. It was his life & business & he ain't gonna tell anybody, not even Kat. She was still a stranger to him. "Buying and selling. Why waste your time. You could just steal, adults don't need so much food." Again, Kilik stayed quiet. Who was she to tell Kilik what to do? He'll decide how he lives, no one else!

Kat walked to Kilik grabbing something, alerting him. He took a fighting stance, ready to fuse with Reiki, but she just gave him a Kelpsey Berry. He stood normal again looking confused. "There, you got something out of giving me bread. Now, if you excuse me, I need to wait for food." She went along to hide somewhere, readying her knife.

"There, we're done with her. Can we go now?" Reiki asked, hoping this obsticle was over.

"Not just yet." Kilik answered. Reiki sighed once more. Kilik walked over to Kat, keeping a distance. "Why don't you just come along with me, & later I'll get you some meat after I'm done." He offered. Reiki was stunned by this, it was unlike Kilik.

"What are you doing?" He asked hastily. "What if she tries to kill you?"

"If she does, I won't hesitate to fuse if she goes too far. Besides, the last thing I want is someone killing someone & eat their remains. I hate death." He commented back quietly. Sometimes Reiki can worry too much.

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