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Originally Posted by psyanic View Post
Looks like I'll have time to do this! I finished exams a week ago, so now I finally have the time to start doing random stuff I enjoy doing.

Name: psyanic
Best Way to Contact: PM/VM, either way works.
Review Style: When I first look at a story, I usually check for mechanics and typos or another. After that, I go everywhere. I can dive into looking at plot, characters, or if something even makes sense. So I'd say comprehensive, though inconsistent.
1. The Nova Travels - by treecko's awesomeness
2. Pokemon Johto Adventures 1 - by Volcanix769
3. Grant - by AtavanHalen343
4. Freedom Fighters - by DarkIceForever
5. Pokemon: A Johto Dream - by ROBO-BOY
6. The Ballad of Greg Thomas - by FourCartridge
7. Red with Envy - by Editman
8. Crossing Paths - by AmiEkcona
9. Aura's Adventures: Book 1, Rise of the Dark Rebellion - by [DoubleUber]
10. The Luster Chronicles rated T - by Nine-Toes
11. Project Z - by Venasaur
12. Chronicles of Innocence (Digimon) - by Legendarian Mistress
13. The Nova Travels (Chapter 7) - by treecko's awesomeness
14. Those That Came Before - by PhantomX0990
15. The Blacklist - by DForte
16. Love is Blind? - by gwenvar
17. Hanran Sentai JohtoRanger - by Digimon Kaiser
18. Arbok, Dawn, and Misty - by Brisingr122194
19. Bare Bones: A Trainer's Story - by makemymilk45
20. A Seer's Shadowy Path - by Electricmudkip
Woo-hoo! Boom ba-da bing! What a fun challenge. More activity and the forum is getting more active! It's funny looking at how my review "style" had changed so much, especially the reviews from the last challenge. And... that's it. I'm so proud of me.
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