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Jeremy Kyle – Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Ohio, America

Jeremy watched, wanting to laugh hysterically as Jericho freaked out, of course most people would if they had seen Jeremy teleport in front of their eyes; it wasn't a natural nor a normal occurrence, so Jericho had every right to react the way he had. Lifting up his shirt to reveal his Atlantean tattoo; the blacking out of his skeletal structure, Jeremy nodded in confirmation that he was indeed Atlantean.

"As you can see, I too have a mysterious tattoo just like yourself, Jericho. We are both Atlanteans, isn't that exciting?" He smiled widely at both Peter and Jericho.

"And since your answer I no to whatever I want, then I want to leave this car and not go paintballing with you two. So what are you waiting for Jericho, let's go!" Jeremy stuck his arm forwards, as if he was Superman, laughing hysterically before calming himself and relaxing back in the seat. Jeremy completely understood what he was doing, he knew he was getting in someone's personal space, knew this was not the approach to recruitment that he had been taught, but Jeremy decided to throw everything out the window and take as long recruiting as he could. Besides, with all the doom and gloom about, Jeremy would relish the chance to hang out with people his own age for a chance.

"So Jericho, Peter, whoever wants to answer me, what is Jericho's ability? How does it work?" Jeremy already knew the answer to this, but he wanted to make small talk with the boys.
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