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Originally Posted by _Infernape_ View Post
Username: _Infernape_ so first 6 letters _Infer
Game(s): B/W. Is Blaze Black Volt White Ok?
Team(s): _(idk but i dun wanna use sudowoodo any suggestions?) I(Infernape :d) N(Noctowl) F(Froslass) E(Escavalier) R(Rhyperior)

Infernape, Froslass, Escavlier, Rhyperio, Noctowl, and I need an _ Pokemon
BlazeBlack and VoltWhite are fine with me, they'll still count under B/W.
As for your _ Pokemon, I took a quick look through the list of Pokemon, and I saw that Chimecho, Lileep, Beldum, and possibly some Unown forms could work, although you would have to keep them unevolved in order to fit the requirement.
Don't worry though, if you don't find something that could work/something that you want to use, you can go ahead and use "Infern" as your first six. (Which is kind of funny, because my first six letters are also "Infern")

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