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"Otto" - Travelling from Florence, Italy to Boston, England

She stared at the father and son as they conversed between themselves, but it's not like she couldn't hear them. She expected them to be suspicious or skeptical of her but she really had no patience to spend too much time discussing how and when and where and why things had to happen the way they did. She knew what was going on and she was sure the father and son would soon find out. The more they talked, the closer they got to England and the further away they got from Italy. If they wanted to go to the Vatican in an appropriate amount of time, they had to leave very soon. How to leave a speeding train? Not many could.

"For exchange for some of your knowledge, The Librarian in the Vatican will offer you a sanctuary and proper understanding of your power in return. He is a being of pure knowledge but does not know everything to do with our ancestry and requires you help. The Royal Family are not who they say they are," she stared at them, unblinkingly. "I know you are heading to Boston. They have misled you and their intentions are not sincere."

She didn't break eye contact with Cira who the question was intended towards. Though his father was just as important to the Librarian as Cira was.
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