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Scarlet Johnson

Scarlet stopped staring at the horizon when she heard Alessa's voice say. "Let's get going, then." Again, Alessa grabbed onto Scarlet and teleported them away. They were now in a building, somewhere hidden from sight. Before Scarlet could say a thing, Alessa said. "We're in the old Galactic building. You probably had someone helping you out a few minutes ago, right?" Scarlet stayed quiet, there wasn't anyone with her except Syrena, her spirit Leafeon. Scarlet was about to reply to her question, but she interrupted her. "Can you tell where they are right now?" She asked. Since Scarlet was fused with Syrena, she wouldn't be able to see her. It was now time to reply.

"Well..." She began, hesitating a little. " She's already here.." Scarlet finished, in a little louder tone than a whisper. Scarlet could tell Alessa was confused, "Here, i'll show you." She offered. Then in a flash, Scarlet wasn't fused with Syrena any more. Next to her was a ghostly Leafeon floating in the air, "This was the pers- I mean, pokemon helping me." Scarlet showed Syrena. The Leafeon wagged her tail up and down, Scarlet saw. "She's saying that it's true, only I can understand her because she's my pokemon spirit. And we were here to free other's like us," Scarlet continued, "And I can tell you'r one of them too, so maybe you could help." Scarlet finished.

She looked at Alessa curiously, "Scarlet, who is this?" Syrena asked quietly. Scarlet turned to Syrena then whispered back. "Some one that can help, so be nice. Ok."

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