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BeliVuk: the price has been fluctuating due to the zekrom deck being more or less popular with players. Now that we are approaching regionals, nationals, and worlds, prices for playable cards will be steadily rising.

Donavannj: Perhaps just a short guide based on rarity symbols in the original post, so people can refer to it when they are wondering about mass common cards?
To alleviate some of the questions about shiny cards people pull from packs, I was thinking of making a thread that would include what the popular cards are and their values. I find a lot of the questions are really just people wanting to know if they pulled anything good in their packs, and it might also be handy for people who want to know what cards are being played. I can update it every once in a while to keep it current. What do you think?
p.s. as for the neo sets, the overall sets and the rare cards are more rare than some other sets, but I find that for commons and uncommons the difference is pretty much negligible. The rarest commons and uncommons come from the Eseries, because there was a smaller print run. Still, the difference may not be worth mentioning.
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