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Daniel Sabrak

Daniel managed to keep his eyes glued to the paper in his lap, his ears slightly reddened, embarrassed at him not being able to simply greet the girl after Kilik simply had done so. He let out a low sigh and occasionally sent the group of Pokémon a small glance, continuing to scribble.

He looked up as the flash of light from a Pokémon emerging from a pokéball appeared, blinking his eyes a few times. They then widened as he saw a rather familiar-looking Pokémon; A Porygon-2. A bright smile lit up on his face, having seen one of these in reality and a lot via magazines and the like. He quickly dug himself into his paper again, scribbling away.

Meanwhile, Alexis continued fiddling with the piece of string, eventually tugging it off herself, standing with the end of the string in her paw. She looked up as the Porygon-2 was released from its Pokéball, offering a polite smile.

She stayed quiet however, as Snype and the Porygon had their little conversation, her head tilting a little to the side. It was odd, how smugly amused it seemed. Almost as if some kind of hilarious joke when right over their heads.

“I don’t. Snype just found the string inside of a locked box, and we were trying to see if it did anything special. What’s it for?” she asked inquisitively, the curiosity very apparent on her expression.
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