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Originally Posted by SwiftSign View Post
I like the story so far, however what you have written is basically a summary of the first 10 minutes of gameplay. It would be nice to include some background or hint at what could be happening in this new dimension. Information about MEGA-Corp would be great as they seem to have importance? ;D

I like the choice of Starter, Surskit is one of my favourites :3. I also appreciate how there is an emotional connection to the starter rather than just being given it.

Some criticisms:

Your mapping seems to be your Achilles Heel, some portions are very square like:

It could do with a bit more variety: less straight tree boundaries in particular.

Your use of rocks and hedges is also excessive, generally I wouldn't include rocks far away from a mountain/ledge area as they look out of place. Hedges should probably be used more sparingly and if you want a big hedge use the connectable ones.

Keep up the good work and I look forward to finding out how the story develops.
Well, that square-ish area was sort of unfinished ; I'm hardly ever tentative when it comes to placing eye candy in a hack

The hedges were part of a chain pattern, hence why there's so many of them.
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