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Originally Posted by DrFuji View Post
He isn't talking about that kind of maps, i think he's talking about the world map.

There is a video here that shows exactly what I explain in the spoiler below.
Anyway, there is a program out there called Sphere that helps with tilemaps immensely. Once you download it, it also downloads a program called "Editor". Open it, and go File>Import>Image to Map. Select your map, the select a place to save the finished tilemap. Change the tile dimensions to 8 by 8, and select yes when the pop up appears. It will say the conversion is successful. Now, navigate to where the tilemap was saved, and open it in editor. A picture of the tiles you need will appear (it's in a seperate window that's just labeled "tiles"). use Print Screen to take a picture of the tiles, and remove the purple rectangle by filling it with the color it should be for the tile its on. Save that image, and now you have your map tiles and a tilemap. NTME accepts sphere files, so you just have to open up Sphere, open up your tileset, and when you import the tilemap, select the sphere file. Adjust it a little till it looks right, then save the tilemap as a .raw, which is what unlz.gba can use. And now, other tutorials can help you with the actual inserting.

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