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Scarlet Johnson

Alessa transformed into her half animal form again, she turned to look at Syrena but her expression stayed the same. But she looked calm too. After that Alessa sat down with Scarlet and they both started to think, until Syrena interupted her thoughts. "Why do you trust her, Scarlet?" The Leafeon asked. This was pretty private so Scarlet replied through her mind instead, "Because she helped me, plus why wouldn't you trust a fellow spirit wielder?" She replied through her mind, so that only Syrena could hear her. "Because what if it was a trick, what if she just saved you so that you could earn her trust but then lead you into a trap. You never know what the people here do to make other people do things, maybe the adult's were threatening one of Alessa's family or friends so she would do this."

She never thought of that before, but still. "Oh shut up Syrena, well see who's right later..." Syrena didn't reply after that. She stayed still next to Scarlet and just stared at Alessa. Then her new friend said; "You know where they're all being held, right? As long as we know where you are, Sen and I could probably Teleport you and the other kids out with us with little trouble." "Great idea! And then she could teleport them all back to the adult's along with you."Syrena said, why would she think this? Did they meet before? Probably not, but what would the Leafeon have against someone that would wan't to help? "So will that work, Scarlet?" Scarlet got out of her dream's when she heard Alessa's voice. She looked at her and then said.

"Uh-Yea-- Syrena, did you find out where they are?" Scarlet asked her spirit casually, as if the chat in her head never happened. Luckily Syrena also acted casual; she said, "Yes, there in a prison cell north-east from here, but the security here is dangerous. They have lasers, flamethrower's, falling floors and all sort's of other traps." Interesting to know. Scarlet turned back to Alessa, she then began to tell everything Syrena had told her. "Well, according to Syrena there in some prison north-east from here. But she also sais they have high tech security, laser's and such." Scarlet sighed after she spoke. "Oh and, power's don't work in here. Trust me, I tried."

Scarlet looked at Syrena when she said that, then turned to Alessa. "And also, Syrena sais that... our power's wont work in here."

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