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Kilik Chambers

When Kat noticed Kilik, she suddenly turned in alarm & fused, unaware who approached her. It alarmed Kilik when she fused. She can fuse like Kilik? That's a surprise. She fused back to normal when she realized it was Kilik. "Sorry. You startled me." Judging from what he saw, she could probably have an Umbreon Pokespirit. "Uh... Well... I gueeess..." She answered his question. She walked up to her, which alerted Kilik. He took a step back, very wary with little trust.

"Uh-huh. To Eterna City." He wasn't going to mention if she had a Pokespirit. Perhaps she wants it a secret. "Let's go." He went along, gesturing Kat to follow along.

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