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I hope you all had a nice leap day, SHC! :cer_boogie: It's awesome getting an extra day to hunt! :D

Today begins March, which means... *drumroll*


To win, you must catch or hatch 2 green shinies. The shinies may have any amount of green, ranging from 0.1% of total body mass to being an icky green blob. *glances at shiny Tangela*

REMINDER: The February contest is still open! You can keep catching shinies for that Quest until March 9th.

Quote originally posted by GolurkIsDaBomb:
With Hugo now a striking umbreon...

(SHINY) BEEDRILL APPEARED!!!!! The insanity of it all! THREE SHINIES IN A WEEK?!?!?!?!? wow!

Congrats!!! That must be really awesome to get a shiny in a bug-catching contest! Also, I found the opening clause of your post to be appropriately poetic. Shinies are poetically splendid, after all!

Quote originally posted by Keruso:
junk posts...

thanks to LucarioGuild7 and G-Money

There's no such thing as a junk post, Keruso! If you had to catch a shiny to post, 93.75% of my posts would be junk posts (including this one, 93.78%). Well, maybe they are... "lol"

And I can't take credit for your 85 shinies! That was all LG7! :cer_wink:

Quote originally posted by NightOfRemorse:
Is it just me or am I starting to see multiple G-Moneys? LOL.

"lol" I cloned myself so that I could hunt for shinies multiple times at once! Even as we speak, there are several G-Moneys out there dual hunting while I type this post. Too bad I didn't consider the fact that none of the other G-Money shiny collections would count for mine... :/

Quote originally posted by vagrantwanderer:
Wish me luck!

Good luck!

Quote originally posted by KaosDarkrai:
shiny deoxy

Congrats!! Deoxys is a really awesome shiny.

I know you weren't hunting it for a contest or race, but for future reference, you might as well beat the Elite Four a couple of times with an Amulet Coin and then just buy a couple hundred Ultra Balls! Of course you need to hack to get to the island, but giving yourself masterballs doesn't really seem fair. What you did was fine since you were hunting it just for fun, but you should probably be a little more careful about that in the future in case you decide to join a contest. Still, congrats on the shiny!

Quote originally posted by NeonTsuba:
Hello hunters, may I please join the club?

Yes, welcome to the club! I don't think the Pokemart gifts can be shiny, although I'm not totally sure on that. I know that the Victini can't, but I can't say with certainty about the others. (I didn't even know there was a Jirachi event, "lol!")

Quote originally posted by Keruso:
also, you ARE allowed to post chained shinies (dont kill me, G)

I don't kill people for helping new members by explaining club rules to assist them, Keruso! I only kill people for breaking rule #8. :cer_wink:

And yes, chained shinies are fine! Historically, one per chain has been permitted (this prevents people from getting 40+ shinies on one chain, "lol"). However, they don't count for the contests like the Monthly or Yearly Quests because a lot of people will be MMing, SRing, or REing, which take significantly more time than chaining.

Quote originally posted by NeonTsuba:
Surskit yesterday after not using the PR for ages, then today I got a Swellow


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